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our vision is create China's Lixiang brand


Wenzhou Lixiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou City Industrial Zone, convenient transportation, is a set design, manufacture, installation, technical consultation and customer service service in the enterprise, the company specializing in the production in accordance with the requirements of the new GMP traditional Chinese medicine extracting and concentrating, mixing, refining, recycling and other complete sets of equipment. The company not only has great potential, and vigorous development, with each passing day.

  • ♦  Quality first
  • ♦  Advanced equipment
  • ♦  Combatant spirit
  • Material selection and procurement

    "Quality and credibility is the survival of the enterprise", high-quality materials suppliers is the cornerstone of high quality engineering. Purchasing department, according to the technical department to provide the parameters and requirements, for customers to choose a reliable supplier and high price list of products. Through the evaluation of suppliers, procurement data, according to the purchase of product certification and combined with the customer's URS provide an important guarantee for our good works. At present, Li Xiang has established a good long-term cooperative relationship with many famous companies at home and abroad. Such as:  Domestic: Baoshan Iron & Steel (steel plate)  Beihai / Sheng Bo (hang head)  Tuoxiang / Holt (seamless)  Yadeke / Pacific (cylinder)  SEW/ Tongyu (reducer)  Sweden: Alfa Laval (Afala method)  Germany: Gemu (Gaemi), Burkert (Bao De)  Switzerland: Mettler-Toledo (Mettler.)  Denmark: Grundfos (Ge Lanfu)  Taiwan: Kinglai (New Zealand)  High quality suppliers, can effectively guarantee the quality of the installation of materials and its quality traceability, coupled with the benefits of advanced design optimization, scientific management, rich experience in construction.

  • Design validation

    To fully understand the needs of users, combined with the customer's URS, a good product is designed, we each of the equipment before formal production will conduct a final confirmation process in order to fully reflect the content of equipment and engineering requirements and user. For pressure bearing equipment, our company carries out the strength calculation to ensure the safety of use

  • Site management and site construction

    The project manager according to good engineering specifications set by the company set up the project team to carry out quality management, design change control, control of documents and data, the control of nonconforming product, corrective and preventive measures, safety control, packaging, transportation and storage control, training and validation etc..

    A well regulated team is a guarantee of good engineering.

    The company has many years of experience in construction construction personnel will carry out construction operation of according to the operation rules set by the company and customer requirements (according to customer site conditions well site protection work, such as the scene of tiles, doors and windows, air pipe protection).

  • Material control

    Our company is equipped with a production of non destructive spectrum analyzer for the detection of stainless steel materials, all stainless steel materials into the factory before a test, to ensure that the product material to meet the requirements.

  • Welding quality control

    Stainless steel container equipment, welding quality directly determines the service life of the product, in order to ensure the welding quality of our equipment, the main ring joints, longitudinal joints were treated by strict training staff using advanced automatic welding machine and welding.

  • Strict process control

    Lixiang company each product, which corresponds to a production order, starting from the number of production instructions issued by the production, life, is this equipment, each procedure links are the implementation of process production department card, from raw materials, cutting, welding, polishing, assembly and packing etc. each procedures can be traced back, the quality of each device are well documented.

  • System debugging and personnel training

    According to the system and its scope, we will prepare a detailed commissioning plan, which will include a range of descriptions of each system and equipment, including automatic control system, to ensure the successful completion of system debugging.

  • Technical quality

    our vision is create China's Lixiang brand