Hot reflux extracting and concentrating unit

Hot reflux extracting and concentrating unit

Model:Extraction equipment
Maker:Wenzhou Li Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd.


The equipment is suitable for pharmaceutical, biological, food, chemical and other industries. It is often used in the effective components of animal and plant and the extraction and concentration of aromatic oil. It is a common equipment in the production of traditional Chinese medicine.


a. The unit has a ingenious design, elegant appearance, precision polishing inside and the outside, which is meet the requirements of GMP 

b. The equipment is mainly composed of extraction pot, defoaming device, condenser, cooler, oil-water separator, filter, single effect external circulation evaporator, reflux pump and so on.

c. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure and convenient operation, and the extracting tank can be equipped with a mixing device as required. 

d. The whole production process is carried out under the sealing condition, and the extraction and concentration operation is completed at one time, with less solvent consumption and short extraction time.

e. Whith wide range of temperature control, atmospheric extraction / atmospheric concentration, atmospheric extraction / decompression concentration.

Technical parameter:

Hot reflux extracting and concentrating unit