small extraction concentration unit

small extraction concentration unit

Model:Extraction equipment
Maker:Wenzhou Li Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd.


1. The equipment has the advantages of small footprint, exquisite manufacture, complete matching and convenient operation. The utility model is especially suitable for the production mode of small batch and multiple varieties.

2. This equipment is equipped with vacuum pump, liquid pump, filter, liquid receiver, control cabinet and other accessories. The equipment is divided into steam heating and electric heating.  It can be used only after supplying water, electricity or steam.

3.The equipment is fully functional and suitable for water extraction and ethanol extraction. It can be extracted under normal pressure and negative pressure and can recover volatile oils.The vacuum converter and the control box are provided with convenient operation, low temperature concentration and low temperature concentration can be realized;Room temperature extraction concentration at room temperature;Low temperature extraction, low temperature concentration process requirements.

4. The electric heating structure is advanced, efficient and safe, quick heating and cooling, and even heating. The tank is equipped with a safety relief device to ensure safe use.

5.The reflux extraction process can be realized, the extraction and concentration time is reduced, and the solvent is saved.

6.  Unique oil-water separator design, vacuum transfer function in one, so that oil and water separation effect is better. It is easy to observe with glass material.


This equipment applies to medicine, food, chemical industry in pressure, micro pressure, water frying, soaking, heat reflux, forced circulation, percolation, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recycle and so on.Particularly suitable for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, scientific research units to develop new products and small batch production