Scraper film concentrator

Scraper film concentrator

Model:Concentrating equipment
Maker:Wenzhou Li Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd.


    Scraper film evaporator is the use of high speed rotation of an efficient evaporation and distillation equipment into uniform liquid distribution of thin film evaporation or distillation, but also use deodorization, defoaming reaction and heating and cooling unit operation, can be widely used in Chinese and Western food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, environmental protection etc.

    Centrifugal scraper film evaporator adopts advanced foreign technology, and has the leading position in the field of scraper type film evaporator in china. This equipment has been used as the main unit of "scraper type vacuum refining machine set", and won the three prize of national science and technology administration of science and technology progress.

traits and feature:

    The equipment adopts the centrifugal rotor sliding groove, is currently the newest structure can form a thin film evaporator, the flow is small, the cylinder wall attached to the surface of the evaporation section of sediment in the processing liquid can be rapidly removed compared with scraper, scraper evaporator fixed gap, evaporation capacity can be increased by 40-69% it has the following features:

    1. The heat transfer system has high numerical value, large evaporation capacity, and the evaporation intensity can reach 200kg/m2 HR, and the heat efficiency is high.


    2. The material heating time is short, between about 5 to 10 seconds, and work under the vacuum condition of heat sensitive materials is more advantageous to maintain various components without any decomposition, to ensure product quality.


    3. To adapt to changes in viscosity range, both high and low viscosity can be processing, material viscosity can be as high as 100000 centipoise (CP)

    4.Changing the direction of the scraper groove rotation can adjust the material handling time in the evaporator.

    5.The inner wall of the evaporating section is carefully bored and polished, and the surface is difficult to generate coking and scaling.

    6.Easy operation, easy adjustment of product index, continuous production can be controlled automatically under confined condition.

    7.The utility model has the advantages of small occupation area, simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy cleaning.

Technical parameter:

Scraper film concentrator