falling-film evaporator

falling-film evaporator

Model:Concentrating equipment
Maker:Wenzhou Li Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd.

scope of application:

      Falling film type single, double and three effect and multi effect evaporator for evaporation under vacuum and low temperature conditions, with high evaporation capacity, low energy consumption, low operation cost, and can maximally keep the original material color, smell and taste and effective ingredients.     This machine is widely used in condensed milk, oligosaccharides, glucose, sorbitol, juice, water solution, evaporation and concentration in many industries of food processing, pharmaceutical, beverage, food processing, light industry, environmental protection, chemical water solution and organic solvent solution has been applied widely in the industries.

  system composition:
     The equipment is composed of each effect evaporator, each effect separator, condenser, hot pressing pump, vacuum and drainage system, each effect liquid delivery pump, operation platform, electric appliance, instrument, control cabinet and valve, pipeline and so on.

   main features:

1.The heating system of the system is heated evenly by steam and the liquid is evaporated by liquid film, so it has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time.

2.The system is provided with a hot pressing pump, and part of the two steam is sucked into the shell of an effective evaporator by the hot pressing pump, and the heat is fully utilized, and the steam consumption is lower, and the circulating quantity of the cooling water is low.  At the same time as the steam by hot pressing pump is spray mist into the heating shell, steam heating liquid spread rapidly, mild, concentrated so suitable for heat sensitive materials.

3. The material is accelerated downward, pressurized, flowing and evaporated along the inner wall of the heating tube, and is suitable for evaporation and concentration of the material with large viscosity. The heating time of the feed liquid is very short, so the utility model is especially suitable for the evaporation and concentration of food, and the nutrition component of the food is preserved greatly.

4. The top of the evaporator is sprayed with materials to ensure that the material is uniformly distributed in the film tube of the evaporator, forming a film shape, greatly improving the heat transfer coefficient and increasing the evaporation rate, and preventing the dry wall phenomenon.

5.   The equipment is suitable for foaming material evaporation, because the liquid in the heating pipe is formed into film like evaporation, vapor liquid separation, while the bottom effect, most of which feed liquid is pumped out, only a small part of feed and all two steam enters the separator to strengthen separation, liquid whole process not too big, avoidingthe the impact of  bubble formation.

 6. If you need to carry on to the material sterilization, sterilization, concentration of the two processes can be completed once, the material after preheated, and then enter the sterilizer, and then enter a performance, the material quickly flash, instant temperature drop, suitable for heat sensitive liquid concentration.

7.The equipment can be equipped with CIP cleaning system to realize on-site cleaning. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate without dead ends.

8.The equipment can realize the configuration of automation system, feed automatic control, automatic temperature control, automatic cleaning and discharging concentration control, automatic control, can also protect measures on the sensitivity of material failure, with a sudden power outage. Other safety, alarm and other automatic operation, control.