Forced circulation evaporator

Forced circulation evaporator

Model:Concentrating equipment
Maker:Wenzhou Li Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd.


       A forced circulation evaporator used to prevent fouling or crystallization of a product that boils on a heating surface.

For this reason, the flow velocity in the pipe must be high.

      When the circulating liquid passes through the heat exchanger, it is heated and then partially evaporated when the pressure of the separator is reduced, thereby cooling the liquid to a boiling point temperature that should be under pressure.

      Because of the circulation pump, the operation of the evaporator has nothing to do with the temperature difference.

Material recycling speed can be adjusted accurately.The evaporation rate is set within a certain range.

      In crystallization applications, the crystals can be separated from the circulation crystal slurry by regulating the flow rate of the circulation and by using a special separator design.

       The equipment adopts the forced circulation of the pump. It has high evaporation rate and great concentration ratio. It is especially suitable for the evaporation of materials with higher concentration or higher viscosity;

        Forced circulation evaporator, suitable for scaling, crystallinity, thermal sensitivity (low temperature), high density, high viscosity and evaporation containing insoluble solids such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, waste recycling industries such as evaporation.