Alcohol settling tank

Alcohol settling tank

Model:Tank equipment
Maker:Wenzhou Li Xiang Machinery Co., Ltd.



    This equipment is suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, oral liquid, food, health care products, chemicals and other alcohol precipitation, alcohol precipitation and alcohol sedimentation tank system (also called for dissolving or drunk rod) special equipment old technology development, mainly used in Decoction concentration after freezing precipitation operation, also can be used for Chinese medicine extraction and concentration the flood water liquid precipitation operation.


   The equipment is an elliptical head with a jacket. Simplified circular conical bottom, installed in the clover type stirring and special rotary fluid pipe assembly, adding alcohol with a certain degree of alcohol and liquid at room temperature, low temperature freezing settlement of liquid-solid separation using traditional Chinese medicine decoction concentrated herbal extract, in order to improve the purity and clarity. All of this equipment, using 304 stainless steel, equipped with high-pressure water automatic spray cleaning system, jacket can pass the cooling water, the driving part adopts the mechanical seal, explosion-proof motor to ensure production safety, in accordance with the GMP standard, the mirror surface or sub light processing equipment.


Alcohol settling tank